Friday, March 30, 2012

bokeh fun

# Spring flowers for a bridal shower #

# Breadsticks and water #

# Rows of macarons #

# Swirls of beads #

I'm disappointed in myself--I've already started to slack off on my commitment to taking pictures every week.  I recently helped throw a bridal shower, which gave me an opportunity to do a little catch up, but in the end I chose to post a few pictures that highlighted the fun of bokeh--that out of focus area which can give a picture character.  I sometimes wonder if it's a way of cheating, to make an otherwise uninteresting photo more compelling and mysterious.  Either way, it has its time and place, whether my pictures are technically good or not, I still like the effect.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

street music on a saturday morning

# Bach by the bay #

# Rockin' wheelchair #

# Ensemble (couldn't get the cone out of the way) #

This was my first trip to the Ferry Building for the Saturday morning Farmer's Market.  I realized I should come up here more often.  The produce seemed hidden among the various food stands, but it was still full of life with the myriad of treats (I bought myself an ice cream sandwich from Miette and it wasn't even lunchtime!) and the crowds there to enjoy a leisurely weekend morning.